Moves Like Jagger/Can’t Hold Us Down

Welcome to Two for Tunesday! This week I’ve decided to share and talk about 2 songs you will probably all know and have one common denominator – Xtina, otherwise known as Christina Aguilera.

I’m actually a massive fan of Ms Aguilera and have been since the days of the Britney rivalry. Genie in a Bottle? Genius. It’s a song that at first glance seems to be a bit innocent but is actually about sex! Pop genius at its best if you ask me, and to be honest what pop song isn’t a thinly veiled sex song?

I’m not ashamed to like Christina, she’s not a guilty pleasure in any way, shape or form. I’ll be the first to singalong and I will be on the dancefloor when Dirrty comes on, bumping and grinding away like a crazy woman. I’m an out and proud lover of her awesome voice, her ever changing looks and just her basically. Yes, she’s long been one of my crushes too.

So why these two songs? Well, Moves Like Jagger also features Maroon 5, another fave band of mine (Adam Levine is a beautiful, beautiful man too). And it’s such a catchy tune! Everytime it comes on my iPod I do have to stop myself from breaking into some funky dance moves, especially when I’m on public transport. In some of my friend circles it’s also become known as Moobs Like Jabber, which I find hilarious.

My second choice of song is Can’t Hold Us Down by Xtina and featuring the hip-hop queen that is Lil’ Kim. It’s a song that I identify with on one level about the double standards that are always going to be around surrounding gender and female sexuality. Now, I’m going to be quite frank here (if you’re reading this ma and pa, I apologise as I know you probably don’t want to know! Haha.) Like most women my age, I’ve experimented with sex and my sexuality with a number of partners (not exceeding double figures mind you) of both sexes (safely, of course). One of the biggest problems I have with society as it is, as one of the lines in the song states, “If you look back in history; It’s a common double standard of society; The guy gets all the glory the more he can score; While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore.”

Now whilst there have been changes towards female sexuality over the years, starting with the introduction of the pill in the 60s in Britain and more recently the Slutwalks that have appeared to reclaim the word, and also to highlight the fact that certain police persons will question rape cases due to how a woman was dressed, the fact remains that in their personal lives women are still expected to be “ladies”, for loss of a better word. We have to do things proper, and swoon when a door is opened, and wait until marriage to have sex, and have dinner on the table for our partner promptly when they arrive home from work (given that the woman will be at home when her partner arrives). And not surprisingly enough, there is this expectation in gay and lesbian relationships as well. We are still expected to fit into stereotypes and that in a lesbian relationship there will be a ‘masculine’ woman and a ‘feminine’ woman. Yes, this probably happens naturally but it is still a stereotype that we all conform to at one point or another. FYI to any potential lady husbands: I’m awesome at DIY and knitting though and can look butch or femme depending on the day….I’m basically the perfect girlfriend! Haha.

I’m just glad that someone in an influential position such as Christina Aguilera, had the metaphorical balls to stand up and address this issue. No, not everyone will agree with her or me but without people talking about these issues, we will never have discourse and pave the way for women and men to hopefully one day change the way the majority of society thinks or at least help it become more of an accepting place. And with this you have my view on the song and a little insight into some of my feminist views. So in honour of my lady crush, I will leave you with one of my favourite videos of hers (and another of my favourite songs I may go a bit mental to on the dancefloor).

Enjoy these songs and maybe think a little bit about what I’ve talked about. Or don’t. It’s up to you. But this new blog is going to be seriously different in a lot of ways to the old one. I just hope you still enjoy it and keep reading!

Jaqueline xx


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