I’m Walking in New Shoes

Okay, maybe not quite. The last pair of new shoes I got was at Christmas from my Mum and Dad – these awesome brogue leather ankle boots (see image below). Admittedly I have been wearing them almost non-stop right now as they’re the only boots I have that don’t cause me to have MA-HOO-SIVE blisters (I love my knee high Docs but, jeezy, my ankles/heels don’t!!)

Brogues – TK Maxx; Dress – Topshop; Tights – UO

Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens for H&M; Tights – Gold by Giles Ribbon Tights for New Look (I looked for these for 3 months before I found them in my size!!)

But back to my original blog post point. This morning I received an email newsletter from Swedish Hasbeens. Saying I’m in love with their Spring 2012 collection is possibly the understatement of the century. I already have 2 pairs of their shoes from the collection they did with H&M last summer (see picture above) and they are OFFICIALLY the comfiest heels/wedges I own. If I could wear Swedish Hasbeens for the rest of my life, I would be a happy bunny. Like DELIRIOUSLY happy. That’s how comfortable they are. And stylish to boot. So anyway, onto the actual shoes I saw in the newsletter and would LOVE to own at some point (some of the syles have been around for a while and have been recently updated to include new colourways).

Saddle Shoes.

One blue pair.

One red.

I want them both.

Okay. They’re not heels but they ARE sexy.

Can you imagine the pulling possibilities in these shoes?! If I saw a girl in these shoes, I would be ALL OVER THEM!

And also imagine the jealous looks all the other ladies (and gentlemen) would give you because of your footwear?

The next pair is also saddle shoes, but they’re heeled ones. And they come in a beautiful mint green and pastel pink.

Again, sentiments are repeated about these pairs.

Although I’m a bigger fan of this mint green pair. They’d go with more of my outfits. Well, I’d make them go.

Every woman also needs a pair of red shoes.

And these are sexy. And have a funny name – the Duck Toe Sandal.

The connotations of red shoes, lipstick, dresses and underwear go back a very long way.

I’m not one of those women, although I probably am to the church – ‘Hello! I’m a lesbian who believes in women having choices like using contraception or having an abortion and sex before marriage!’.

Another splash of colour in my wardrobe would be these beauties.

The Striped Beach Sandal.

Give me a vintage all-in-one swimming costume and a beachball please!

These Mimmi clogs are some of the cutest, and although they’ve got new colours and the red ones are cute, I love the black version.

Simple, playful, stylish and understated all wrapped together in a shoe.


And finally, there are these.

What every woman NEEDS in her wardrobe besides a pair of red heels.

The Ballerina Hepburn, or as everyone else knows it as the black ballet pump or ballet flat.

The fact that these are named after Ms Hepburn however just makes them that little bit cooler.


So, there you have it. My shoes loves. Oh, of course there are others but I have serious shoe lust after these pairs right now. Maybe there is the possibility that one day I’ll be given a pair (my birthday is in less than a month, peeps I know reading this!!) and I will buy myself a pair with my own money…………..at some point when I actually have enough in my bank account all at the same time! Haha.

Until the next blog post!

Jaqueline xx

PS. All images have been taken from the Swedish Hasbeens website. Click on the image to be taken to the shoe!!


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