You should have put a ring on it.

Fashion Fables is back again this week with the ring special!! I’ve always loved jewellery (what girl doesn’t, really??) and my tastes have varied over the years like my fashions. Who remembers shagbands? And my Avril Lavigne/Skater Girl phase was filled with more star-shaped bead elastic bracelets than you could fill a bead shop with! Plastic beads however have long gone from my fashion repetoire (except for special occassions, obvs), and more refined tastes have taken over. I’ve chosen to highlight 3 different rings and have thrown in an extra couple of rings I own and love and think everyone should go out and buy if they like them!

Up first is this gorgeous antique Art Deco diamond ring from Etsy. If I was to ever get proposed to, this is the kind of ring I would LOVE to get (future lady-husbands take note!). I’m not usually one for big diamonds but this is just a classic looking, well designed and timeless piece of jewellery.

Secondly is this cute as fox ring from RUST. Run by Artemis and Nao of Junkaholique blog fame, they design lots of cute and classicly styled pieces. I’m a huge fan of silver jewellery as well – all the glitter and generally half the price of a white gold or platinum band. What? You didn’t expect there to be absolutely no woodland creatures featured in this? Well, get ready for the next ring…

This ring from Wildfox is the ultimate in fashionable AND protectective jewellery!! Wear this ring and you have a good chance of at least warding off the over-amorous on a night out. Or seriously impressing them. Either way, it’ll give you enough time to get away! Haha.

And the rings I own and love?

This hinged triple ring is from Cos and is a perfect accessory, as it can be worn as one or three rings and has that little splash of gold amongst the silver. I’m in love and can’t wait to wear it with my recently painted matt black and singular gold nails.

And everyone needs a moustache ring. Tatty Devine are awesome (I do have a picture of my with the one I own somewhere and I’ll load it up as soon as I find it!!).

There you have it. If you like it then you should just put the ring on it!! Oh, I’m so cheesey and awesome.

Jaqueline xx


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