I’m Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday

My birthday is in just under 2 weeks and so I thought I’d best put a list up here of all the things in this world I would love to receive as gifts (apart from knowing I have amazing friends and family that support and love me no matter what. I know cheesey with extra cheese, huh? But so true!). Everyone has a birthday wishlist, so I know I’m not alone in this materialistic exercise! Haha. So here we go…

I do love a good pair of tits and these are a very cute pair of tits, I must say. I don’t know what you were thinking but I feel your head needs a good wash out with some soap and water! Haha.

Blue Tit Earrings from laylaamber on Etsy

Every girl needs a pair of dancing shoes and if they have sparkle, they’re even better!!

Pony Oxfords Flats in Glitter (gold for me please!!) by goldenponies on Etsy

If you’re a reader of my old blog, you will know that I’ve been in retail for a number of years and quite a bit of that was either in bookshops or as a bookseller. A favourite of mine has always been Jacqueline Susann’s ‘Valley of the Dolls’ and Olympia Le-Tan is now my new favourite bag maker as she’s created this…

‘Valley of the Dolls’ embroidered canvas book-clutch by Olympia Le-Tan

I also happen to be a huge fan of art and am developing quite the collection for my next house/flat/room (I always have to have an art wall). I love supporting smaller designers, artists and crafters as you can see by the number of Etsy based gifts I’ve chosen. This print has significance though as I wear thick-rimmed glasses because I can see shit-all without them, have a trendy-ish haircut because I needed one and wanted to look half-okay, I live in East London and I wear cardigans, vintage and brogues as well as a little bit of designer. My sister told me recently I looked ‘very Shoreditch’, which in London is where all the hipsters hang out and live, so this print is very appropriate!

‘I’m Not A Hipster I Just Dress Like One.’ Art Print by Nan Lawson on Etsy

More sparkle, this time from Sue Eggen who is the one-woman creative force behind Giant Dwarf. I own a Starlette Crown already and always get compliments on it when I wear it. She now has these cute Starlette Sparklers and I think it’s a perfect little spruce up for any outfit (along with the glitter oxfords from goldenponies…)

Starlette Sparkler //Confetti by Giant Dwarf on Etsy

I’m a woman (as you may or may not have already figured out) and I will never grow a mo, no matter how much anyone was to pay me. I thought about getting one tattooed on my finger, but I don’t have enough money for that right now. And really, it’s only good for my use as I don’t want to have to start hiring out my finger to friends for photo ops. So the Mustache on a Stick from Something’s Hiding In Here is POIFECT for those nights out where you need a prop for all the silly photos that will be taken (like a birthday, HINT HINT!!). And I’m also a bit in love with ANYTHING Shauna and Stephen do as well because they are the most awesome people and cutest couple EVER!

‘the original MUSTACHE ON A STICK (the kid) by Somthing’s Hiding In Here on Etsy

Right now I really can’t think of much else except maybe this, this and this from Colette Patterns as well as their new book but other than that, I am really and truly grateful to be celebrating another birthday with wonderful people. I’m really lucky to have wonderful ladies and gentlemen in my life and they are the people who make my life interesting and rich!

I’ll be back soon with some more blog posts and updates about other exciting things that will be happening in my life! But until then…

Jaqueline xx


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