I said ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’

Hey all! This blog post is a bit of an open letter to ‘Dating’. I’m currently single and decided at the beginning of the year that 2012 would be the year I would get a lovely girlfriend. It’s almost March and so far, no luck. I know that these things can’t be rushed or forced, but I’ve now been single for over 18 months and I miss all the things a relationship brings to the table/bed/life in general. I’m sure others probably feel like this at some point during the single life, but I’ve decided to use my blog to share my letter. Dating, it’s time to listen up, okay?

Dear Dating,

I’ve never really had a bad relationship with you per se. But recently you’ve been a little off par with providing me with a lady I would like to continue seeing that doesn’t end in us “just being friends”. You have been good so far as getting the dates. There were 4 in the week before Christmas alone! One had some promise, we even had a little first date kiss. But then the ex-girlfriend reappeared and all bets were off. That was a super sucky move, Dating. She was funny, intelligent, friendly and hot. What gives? Okay, maybe you had a point and knew the ex was coming back into the life therefore saving me all kinds of heartache. But really?!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my independence as a single woman, am pretty comfortable being the other side of 25 and am also happier with myself both physically and emotionally than I’ve ever been in my life (that whole “with age comes experience and acceptance” thing is really true!!). I would just like someone to share my #WINS and #FAILS with. Isn’t that one of the upsides of being human? Knowing you have another half in this world that you can share some, if not all of your time with?

I’m really not that picky when it comes to the types of girls I date. I really don’t have a type (for the readers: seriously, I don’t. I just like girls I think are attractive and that seems to cover a pretty broad spectrum of women). But maybe you should be helping to steer me in the right direction a little more, as I’m sure that a) I’m going for the wrong women, b) they think I’m straight because of how I look/dress (NB. I’m what you would call a femme or lipstick lesbian most of the time), and c) you’ve had way more practise at this than I have,  give a girl a hand! I only ask for her to like good coffee and good music, have awesome personal style, not mind my random trips to random places, read the Guardian, BUST and Heat, and be a champion for being a woman. Oh, and be accepting of the fact I carry a bag with too much stuff in it that means I have what I call a ‘Mary Poppins Complex’ when I try to find anything and will constantly complain about this.

So, Dating, hear my call to you. Bring this special lady to me or send me into her general vicinity. Pwetty pwease? I’ll give you a cherry to go on top of whatever you want too.

Ladylove as always,
Jaqueline xx

PS. If she looks a little like this illustration from behind, I may just fall in love with her…


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