Farewell to the Fairground

Those moments when you’re at the fairground are the best. You refuse to go on the Haunted House ride because at 26 you’re still scared of them (and your 43 year old sister laughs at you). You want to go on the dodgems but if you really were to go on them, you’d end up with whiplash and/or being told to get off for ruining some little kids fun. And then you’re too tall for a whole heap of others. But then you see the carousel. All those candy coloured horses running nowhere but going somewhere. You remember Mary Poppins. You remember the carousel you saw in Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, covered up and turned off because the summer season had just ended. So you get your tokens and you go on it. And you take your camera phone with you. And your sister and you are laughing because it’s actually really difficult to get a photograph when you keep going up and down. And you’re both sitting side saddle because you both wore skirts. You both laugh some more as you go round, and your parents try to get some photos of their big girls on the carousel, which makes you laugh even more as you pull faces when you see them.

Then the carousel stops, and you feel a little giddy from going round and round in a circle (although that could also be from the booze you had at lunch and the sugar from the Brighton Rock you just bought). Then you look at the photos you and your sister took on the carousel. And you see this one. And everytime you look at it you can see how much fun you had. And it makes you smile. And it makes you laugh. And it makes you feel happy to be able to enjoy those moments, not only on your own but with the people you love the most in the world.

Then you say farewell to the fairground. But you know it’s not going to be long before you’re back on the carousel again. Next time with reinforcements.

And that makes you even happier.

-listen to Wild Belle – Keep You


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