She’s a Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Possibly my most narcissistic blog post. All photos of me. But wearing different outfits. Although maybe some of the same items in more than one.

Thing is, I love fashion. My look changes depending on my mood and what I put on and deem an appropriate outfit for the day. Some days I look ultra femme, others a little more (as I like to call it) “preppy lez”. But always feeling comfortable in the clothes I’ve chosen. I don’t fit succinctly into one lesbian label over another. I’m transient. Like a cloud. Or a bumblebee. Or a unicorn. I flit and I’m fine with that. If people don’t like the fact they can’t put me in a box, maybe they’re the ones not flexible enough.

One day I’ll find a woman who is as comfortable with herself as I have become. And when that day happens, I’ll start blogging couples outfits. Because I can.

Jaqueline xxx

PS. If you get the reference of the last picture, call me. Or email me. I want to know you.








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