Boom (Shake The Room)

Sidenote: I titled this post before I knew of any kind of earthquake in Melbourne. It’s kinda funny in an ironic kind of way but also I do hope everyone I know there is okay.

Anyhow, on with the show. June has somewhat become my festival month. Lack of funding and important schedule clashes have meant that June has really been the only month I’ll be free to do fun things like this and both of these festivals are at Victoria Park so I only have to worry about topping up my Oyster card! Score!. So this month I went to Field Day and Gay Day at Lovebox (otherwise know as the Sunday). All paid for both me and my sister by our lovely parents (WE LOVE YOU MAMA AND PAPA!!!!!). Initially we were going to do the whole 3 days of Lovebox but line-up wise we weren’t too sure and after seeing that Metronomy were playing Field Day, the decision was made.

So Field Day line-up included Grimes (who I missed due to a clash with Metronomy) but I did get to see Papa M, Summer Camp, Afrocubism, Gold Panda, Metronomy and new faves, Beirut. They also happened to spark a massive field dance due to their amazingly amazing tunes adding possibly to things (both legal and otherwise) that had been consumed by a portion of the attendees there that day. My sister and I had a good time drinking beer and Bauhaus cocktails and eating a Jubilee themed cake in the Dalston Darlings WI tent. I did also enjoy spending a bit of time with my homeboy, Jazz (who’s in an amazing band called Jukeboxx so go check them out) who was working there and my sister and I ran into an old friend we hadn’t seen for a LOOOOOOOONG time!

It was an amazing day and I’m still hoping to see Grimes in September at Heaven (as long as I can get a ticket that doesn’t cost several million pounds – I knew I should have booked last month! Argh!!!). Definitely going to go back next year if the line up is a good ‘un.

Lovebox was also SHAMAZING. We didn’t actually get there until about 3:30/4ish due to DIY emergencies at my sister’s flat but that was okay as we only missed one band we kinda wanted to see (The Rapture), but we did get to see Crystal Fighters, Patrick Wolf, LANA DEL-FUCKING-REY and GRACE-BLOODY-JONES! And we saw the very beginning of Chic & Nile Rodgers and the very end of Chaka Khan as well. Now, let me tell you. Lana Del Rey was amazing. No, she didn’t play my two favouritist songs on the album BUT from reviews earlier on this year about her performance, I would say she was definitely a highlight! Lady has it down! And is cute to boot! Grace Jones on the other hand…..well let’s just say that woman is in a league of her own. She’s 64 and spent the final song of her set (Slave to the Rhythm) hula-hooping. Yep. You read right. I can’t even keep a hoop up for longer than maybe 2 rotations!! It was just amazing.

For those of you who don’t really do festivals, then give these two a go. No camping. And you can go home and shower afterwards and sleep in your own bed. They still aren’t for the faint-hearted (especially the Lovebox toilets after 3 days) but can be a good indicator of how you’d do at a proper camping festival like Reading, Glastonbury or Bestival.

Other things I’ve been up to:

Seeing this face and dancing with her and her lady love at Unskinny Bop (no, I didn’t get lucky and it’s a slightly complicated story why but always a next time!)

Listening to Kate Nash’s new song. Yes, I LOVE IT!

Curling my hair (it dropped out even despite the copious amounts of hairspray and extra hole created in the Ozone layer because of it).

And just generally being me! I’ll be back soon but thought I’d check in (finally). Go follow me on Twitter if you don’t already and want to know what kinda stuff I get up to day-to-day.

Jaqueline xxx


One thought on “Boom (Shake The Room)

  1. effimai says:

    I like the sound of lovebox and very much the idea of going home to your own bed. I like festivals but hate tents and creepy crawlies everywhre. Really like this post xx

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