Ain’t No Party…

…like one filled with pop acts in a park or stadium. I’ve recently been reminiscing about the Party in the Park gigs that I used to go to in Birmingham, hosted by BRMB (sister station to Capital Radio in London) thanks to the new ITV show, The Big Reunion. It got me thinking about how many bands I’ve actually seen thanks to events like this and has got me re-listening to a whole heap of pop music I’d not listened to in YEARS. I’ve also somehow managed to find line-ups (partial for some I think) for the years I remember going to Party in the Park and the sheer amount of people I’ve seen “live” is now starting to dawn on me. I’d completely forgotten about a lot of the acts! I thought I’d only seen Steps once at the NEC but according to these line-ups, I’ve actually seen them 4 times!!! (NOT ASHAMED, PROUD STEPS FAN FACE ON). (Also, I’m really happy now that I’ve figured out I’ve seen 3/5 of the Spice Girls!! -fist pump-)

BRMB Party in the Park Line-Ups (or What I’ve Managed to Find on the t’interwebs So Far)

Cannon Hill Park, 1999 – UB40, 911, Ronan Keating, Culture Club, Madness, 5ive, Ocean Colour Scene, Gary Barlow, Adam Rickitt, Caprice, 21st Century Girls, Steps, Deina Carroll, Honeyz, S Club 7, Phats and Small, Kele Le Roc, Another Level, Hepburn, Fierce, Conner Reeves, Beverley Knight, Justin, Yoobies, E17, Elvis Costello, Tina Cousins, Seafruit

Alexander Stadium, 2000 – Tom Jones, Steps, Westlife, Madison Avenue, Billie Piper, Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bexter, S Club 7, Mel B, Stephen Gately, Damage, Sid Owen, Daphne and Celeste, Honeyz, Fierce, Atomic Kitten, Richard Blackwood, Louise, Sonique, Heather Small

Alexander Stadium, 2001 – Hear’Say, Steps, Big Brother’s Dean, Liberty X, Geri Haliwell, Victoria Beckham, Ash, Feeder, A1, BB Mak, Blue, Damage, Right Said Fred, Marti Pellow, Samantha Mumba, Louise, Atomic Kitten, Rebekah Ryan, Pied Piper, Dane Bowers, Fragma, Honeyz

Pop music has always been a massive part of my life, and even when I went through my “grebo”/”grunger” phase I still knew ALL the dance moves to Steps, Spice Girls, S Club 7 (all acts starting with the letter ‘S’ it seems). And to be honest, I’ve never been ashamed of my musical tastes. They are varied and as I like them. I have groups of friends I can listen to the cheesiest of pop music to, others who I will only listen to heavy metal with, and a good smattering of friends who are happy to listen to everything else. I must admit that after these pop concerts I did go to more rock-orientated festivals like Reading, Download, Glastonbury, Lovebox and Field Day most recently. I like to think that I’m pretty fluid with liking music and, as long as it has a catchy beat and tune, I’m generally hooked to it and will listen to it on repeat for a good week whilst choreographing dance routines for nights out in my head (yes, you know you do it too).

By the way, that picture of Vicki B was taken (by someone else online) at Party in the Park 2001 when she lost her headset/mic halfway through the first or second song but kept on singing. And she caused uber-controversy with her “fake” lip piercing too. It was quite hilarious really. I do remember that much. And if anyone else from Brumland can remember other acts not mentioned, lemme know! The fact that I’ve indulged in adult life a little too much at times has wiped chunks of my memory, so I need a little help!

Jaqueline xx

Music I’ve listened to whilst writing this blog post: Rachel Stevens, Dannii Minogue, 5ive, Liberty X and Atomic Kitten. Shit yeah.


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