Turn My Head Into Sound

I’m on a bit of a musical tangent at the moment. There is just so much exciting stuff going on that I really don’t know where to start. My post the other day about my pop loves was one thing but yesterday, at almost midnight, My Bloody Valentine released a new album. Their first since 1991 and third overall. I’m a bit of a fan, and will admit that I largely have Sophia Coppola and my sister to thank for that.

Ever since watching Lost In Translation in 2003 (fuck, it’s been 10 years), which, take note ladies, happens to be one of my favourite films ever, I’ve been a fan of My Bloody Valentine. Having contributed 4 tracks to the OST, ‘Sometimes’ was also used as one of the main scene tracks and Kevin Shields was nominated for a BAFTA for his contributions along with Brian Reitzell, head honcho on the whole OST. I say this is when I personally became a fan because it’s the truth. When My Bloody Valentine’s first two albums came out, I was all of 2 and 5 years old respectively. So, yes, their music was part of my lifetime but I can barely remember any of it. And yet, I know that it would have been a big part of my life at that time because of my sister. She who has impeccable musical taste would have no doubt been playing MBV when I was around her and my brother (we’ve a 17 (sis) and 16 (bro) year age difference), so to not say she has had a part in the majority of my musical influences and loves is like saying that Ryan Gosling isn’t an attractive man. I’d be lying plain and simple (see Patty Schemel post for more on my big sister’s influence on my musical tastes).

So now that I’ve downloaded the new album (and ordered the vinyl and CD for my sister’s birthday), I’m going to unite with all the other shoegazers for the rest of the week, particularly on the Tube to work (no-gazing). And if you’re not au fait with shoegazing, see this explanation of the musical genre.

Jaqueline xx


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