All Eyes on Us

Two for Tunesday. IT’S BAAAAACK.

Yup, it’s time for me to unashamedly share two of my favourite songs of the moment. I really am a bit in love with these songs at the moment. Considering there is a hell of a lot of music I’m currently saying I have on repeat, I added these two songs into the mix a while ago.

Numero Uno: RoxXxan – Power

RoxXxan is an artist I’ve got a bit of personal interest in at the moment, being from Birmingham. It always makes me a bit happy seeing someone from Birmingham do well in the world and, to be honest, leaving the place. As much as I love it – my parents still live there, as do a lot of awesome friends – I don’t think I could ever live there again. London provides so much more opportunity for all the different creatives there are in life, and to see a female MC such as RoxXxan starting to get some recognition for the hard graft she’s obviously put in, is awesome. To top it off, her girlfriend is Karis from Stooshe, so big up the ladylove!! *fist bump*

Numero Dos: Tanya Lacey – Must Be The Shoes

To link these two artists together, I have RoxXxan to thank for introducing me to Tanya Lacey. When I was searching on iTunes for all the RoxXxan songs I could find, I came across ‘Good Man’. One thing I need from music I like to listen to more than once, is the ability to a) sing and dance along to it, and b) the ability to come up for a music video for it in my head if it doesn’t have one already. This song ticks both boxes (my music video involves Ms Lacey as a superhero, rescuing women from bad shoes. Y’know, the important things in life that need to be dealt with). But anyway, I ended up downloading her ‘Head Chef’ LP and although only 8 songs long, my review of it is that it is an absolute banger. Filled with a bit of pop, a bit of soul, a bit of skank and a bit of R’n’B, ‘Head Chef’ is an instant feast for your ears (yeah, I went there).

So yeah, seriously, go take a listen to them. If you like my blog, all 3 of you that probably read it, you’ll most likely be open to the music I recommend or might even like it!

Jaqueline xx


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