It’s Knit One Purl Two


If you don’t actually know me in real life or follow me on Twitter, you might not know how much knitting plays a part in my life. As well as running my own knitting group, I also work in a small but well known shop in Central London and in the last 18 months started experimenting with and designing my own patterns. My knitting journey started a long while ago, with numerous occassions of nagging my knitting genius of a mother to teach me how to do that magical thing! It never stuck though. I usually got bored after a week and put it down, only to re-nag my mum a year or two later to teach me again.


The time it finally stuck was around 2008, at Lovebox. Yes, I made my mother teach me how to knit at a music festival. There were a few acts I wasn’t too keen on that year and so I somehow persuaded my mum (along with a set of 4mm knitting needles and a ball of cheap, bright red acrylic yarn) to teach me how to knit. The security guys gave me a couple of funny looks when they looked through my bag and saw the knitting needles and wool, but obviously just thought me a bit of a craft geek and not capable of actually inflicting harm on anybody so let me in with them! Haha.

Thug Life

And from that moment on, I’ve been knitting. It finally stuck. K1, P1, PSSO, K2tog. It was like learning another language to begin with but the majority of knitting patterns require the knowledge of only two stitches which make up the entire catalogue of textures and designs you see in any knitwear – Knit and Purl. And once these were mastered, the world was my purled oyster! Ba-dum-tish!! At this moment in time, I’m currently knitting a few secret projects and getting my first patterns ready to publish on Ravelry. It’s exciting stuff for me, and one of my goals for 2013. Obviously I’ll do a whole heap of shameless self-promotion on here, so look out for it at some point soon.

I’ll do a bit of shameless self-promo now actually, as I do teach private knitting and crochet classes for up to 3 persons. The sessions can last as long as you like, at a cost of £15 per hour/per person, and each is tailored to whatever you want to learn or brush up on! I also take on small knitting commissions which are priced accordingly and have a minimum 3-4 week lead time, depending on the amount of work required. So hit me up if you’re interested!! Email me at jaqueline(at)craftyfoxes(dot)co(dot)uk if you want any further information.

So, that’s my knitting story and the two knitting pictures are my own work/designs. See, knitting can be well gangsta *does arm cross with gang signs*…

Jaqueline xx


4 thoughts on “It’s Knit One Purl Two

  1. girlinknits says:

    I love your hat.. I am crocheting at hat similar to this! I have tried several time to try and knit but I have given up every time 😦 I look forward to seeing your patterns on Ravelry.

    • craftyfox says:

      Thanks! Just keep on trying though. I started off crocheting before knitting finally stuck and became what I favoured!

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