If You A Fly Gal Get Your Nails Done

I was never a massive fan of doing my nails until a couple of years ago. I’ve never not painted them, mind. I just used to do plain colours and then let it chip off into oblivion, only to leave them bare for weeks or months on end because I couldn’t decide what colour I wanted them. But WAH Nails peaked my interest in designs other than just a plain colour on every nail that you soon get bored of.

They were producing fresh designs that I never thought of putting on my nails – comic book/Lichtenstein inspired POW!’s, miniature roses, leopard print…all of these designs and more!! It opened up my mind to the possibilities of what you could put on your nails. Lots of practise was called for to nail (pun intended) each design but a few attempts and a nail pen later, I had the leopard print down. And Aztec styles. And Mondrian. And everything else you could think of. I was writing on my nails. I was doing whatever I wanted when I thought of it. I should say as well that I amassed quite the Barry M/MAC/Nails Inc nail varnish collection before I was really into doing my nails. Now it was FINALLY being used!!


Since becoming interested in doing nails again, I’ve also become interested in new products that are coming out and are on the market. Nails Inc are going big on texture this year and have so far released Concrete, Leather and Feather effect nail varnishes that I’m quite keen to get my mitts on (especially this one). Models Own also have brilliant colours and palettes, my favourites being the Hed Kandi collection, the neon and ice-cream sundae shades and not forgetting the nail pens they do in conjunction with WAH. Most of the nail varnishes from each of these are inexpensive, but some people think they are at the higher end of the price spectrum. My recommendation for inexpensive but good quality nail varnishes will always be Barry M. I’m really keen to try out the Neon Nail Paint the next time I go out to a club, as they glow under UV light, and I recently bought the crocodile effect in Burgundy. Let me tell you, that stuff is amazing. I couldn’t stop watching it as it did its thing and went from nail varnish to faux croc skin in about 2 minutes. Oh and one other thing I’ve been playing with recently is the Fur-Effect Nails from MUA. With a base coat in a similar colour, you just pop this stuff on top whilst it’s still wet/tacky/adhesive and then shake off the excess and let the nail dry as normal! I could not stop stroking my nail – it really reminded me of fuzzy felt and I was tempted to cut out some felt shapes to see if they’d stick on (I didn’t but will next time my nails are all fuzzed up!)


And recently my sister has asked me to run a mini nail salon at her birthday party. I’ve called it ‘Get Nailed’, because that’s the kind of person I am and it’s just for shits and giggles. But the fact is, she knows that I’m capable of doing it and I’ve become good enough for her to trust me to do it! Ha. I’ll post a few pictures up here of any designs I do at her party, if anyone’s interested in seeing them. By the way, all of the products and brands I’ve mentioned are ones I buy from regularly and have tried out the products of – this isn’t sponsored in any way, shape or form. Just so you know I’m not bullshitting for free stuff, y’know?


Anyhow, until the next blog post! And show us your nails if you’ve got any fun designs you like to do!

Jaqueline xx

PS. For good nail art blogs, take a goosey gander at The Illustrated Nail (who did a pop-up called Fingerbang – GENIUS), NailPorn (by the nail genius that is Sophy Robson) and Burkatron (I followed a few of the tutorials Caroline put on here to master some techniques).


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