There’s A Starman

Yup, this girl happens to be one of those people who LOVES Wes Anderson films. And when I say love, I mean that I’ve gone to see every film since The Royal Tenenbaums at the cinema because I want to see them on the big screen and can’t deal with waiting for them to come out on DVD. From the style of directing and actors used to the mise-en-scene and soundtrack, everything about Wes Anderson’s films appeals to me. When I went to see Moonrise Kingdom at the Prince Charles Cinema, I was one of a handful of people in there watching it. Yes, it was an early day viewing during the week, but still. It was so awesome to be able to sit in there and just enjoy the film like it’s meant to be enjoyed. I could just sit there and wish I lived in a world that looked and sounded like a Wes Anderson film. I’ve often spent a day off wandering around parts of London, finding cafes and pubs to sit in, in-between listening to songs that make up my own personal Wes Anderson film moment (with many actually from the soundtracks to his films). Also, the fact that some of his regular cast actors include Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray is even more of a bonus for me. My love for those men knows no bounds!

I’ve had some stick from people for liking Wes Anderson films. They think the films he makes are hipster-ish and poncy and that there are better filmmakers. They also think I’m trying to jump on some “cool” bandwagon but seriously I have respect for Wes Anderson as a filmmaker and I can’t help that the films he makes appeal to me so much in terms of their overall look and the dark comic and melancholy themes that run through them.

I’m thinking that for my birthday next year I’m going to have a fancy dress party and theme is around Wes Anderson films. I’ve always wanted to dress up as Margot Tenenbaum.

And Steve Zissou…

Jaqueline xx

PS. All these images are part of a project Lucky Jackson did, where she embroidered all these amazing images for a year. Yup, one every day for 365 days! Check out her blog and Etsy shop!!


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