What’s Going On?

I haven’t updated here for a little while. Which has been because I’ve been doing so many things and nothing all at the same time. I’m currently in the unemployment masses (again), but applying for jobs and trying to figure out the kind of freelance jobs I would like to do before I start approaching companies and other businesses offering my services. I’ve already had a couple of meetings about potential knitting work, and once those have been finalised I can share them on here. I’ve also started to write articles for 2 other lesbian-based blogs and once they’ve been published, I’ll share here too. I’m not being paid for them as yet but it’s something that keeps me busy, and when you’re not having luck with interviews and don’t have a disposable income (or any real income for that matter) it’s a good thing!! NB: MASSIVE BIG UPDATE

IMG_8228YAY!! I can’t say much about it apart from I’ll be Activities Co-ordinator and I’ll be able to be creative in the activities I plan as well as provide educational support to women who truly deserve it.

I also went back to Australia for the first time in 8 years. The amount of time I spent there was minimal for the amount of people I wanted to/needed to see but I had an amazing time and was able to just relax for 2 weeks and feel like I was at home again. Reconnecting with a number of family members and spending quality time with them and friends was exactly what I needed.









Between the job applications and freelance meetings, I’m looking after my friends new puppy during the day. He’s the cutest thing ever and whilst I type has managed to squirm his way in between me and the laptop, which is currently precariously balanced on my knees as he naps on me. Like I mind though. My ice-cold exterior melts everytime. Even when he’s been a little bitey troublemaker. You can’t stay mad at them for long!


In other updates, my friend Max has started to sell these AMAZING necklaces (picture below). She was kind enough to gift me one and it’s been on me almost non-stop since!! The reaction I’ve had from other knitter’s has been pretty great as well, but she also does others that say ‘Crafter’ and ‘Maker’. Each comes in lasercut gold acrylic or a coloured wool-felt option.


I’ll be back to regular updates from this week, and hopefully can catch up on all the new blog posts everyone has written lately! I’m so behind on them it’s RIDIC! See you back here soon then!

Jackie xxx

PS. For those subversive knitters out there, if I wasn’t at Glastonbury I would be signing up for this quicker than Usain Bolt comes out of the starting blocks.


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