Let’s Get Lost Tonight

I won’t be anyone’s black or other skin-colour Kate Moss tonight though. No. But on the subject of Ms Moss, there is an event that is coming up in the festival calender this year that requires a whole heap of forward planning. Especially in the style stakes. Yeah, I’m doing a festival fashion blog post. What I want to be wearing at and taking to Glastonbury this year.

YEAH. GLASTONBURY. BOOM!! The ticket was paid off (with help from my mama and papa, being in my current situation) and so I can officially say I am going to Glastonbury 2013 IN TWO WEEKS. TWO FUCKING WEEKS PEOPLE!!!!!! And what made that even more of an amazing thing was when the line-up was announced. Rolling Stones, Rufus Wainwright and Azaelia Banks (amongst many MANY others)?!!!?!?!?? YES FUCKING PLEASE.

And as much as I want to pack lightly, I know I’ll end up taking one (or three) too many outfits for the festival. Just in case. You never know. I may feel particularly grimey or end up at my tent for one reason or another throughout the day and decide I want to change clothes for the evening events! You have to be prepared for all eventualities, y’know? So below are my festival must-haves and the looks I will be “trying” to channel that LONG weekend. The day after, I will be channeling the power shower in the spa my sister and I are booked in with friends. I’ll be practically dry-humping the shower. And no, not in that way.

This year’s style influences have been heavily erring on the side of the Nineties, and I can definitely see them being in full force this year. Luckily the 90s were, for me anyway, all about Hypercolour, shorts, babydoll or velvet dresses and jellies and these all fit perfectly into my festival style essentials. Easy to wear, clean and most importantly, go to the toilet in! Well, the jellies not so much after day 1 to be honest and definitely not if it’s muddy! But a fair sub for your look to stay in the 90s is a good pair of Docs. Below are some of my choices for tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Fesitval Tops
Sunglasses, Hats and a bit of Knit.
Shoes, Dresses and Shorts.
Skirts, 90s Dresses and a bit of Beyonce.

I think these items are a good mix of vintage, designer and practical. You will notice no jumpsuits here. NO NO NO. Ease of peeing is top priority and after a day the portaloos are going to be pretty vom-inducing and you’ll want to spend as little time in there as possible. The long drops even less. So an easy jean, skirt, shorts or dress situation is well worth it. I know I’ve included some maxis in here, but they are easily tied up with a spare hair elastic and saved from muddy and toilet situations. A few other basics include a good few pairs of socks. Feet get cold and when mine get cold I get miserable. Ski socks are cheap and warm (well, you are meant to wear them skiing IN SNOW after all) and a definite fesitval wardrobe recommend. I’ll be taking a pair of cheap and dirty Cons with me as well, as if the weather is nice they’ll be all I wear around the site.

Now with the fashion bit sorted, if you’ve never been to any festival before read this short “Must Haves at a Festival” list: wellies, baby wipes (the god send of not showering for 4/5 days), dry shampoo, cucumber make-up remover wipes, day and night moisturiser, lip balm – vaseline or Burts Bees, bobby pins, hair bobbles and hair bands (helping to hide multitude of unwashed hairsins), TOILET PAPER, plasters/band-aids, some kind of instant noodle food, a few crappy water bottles and a bumbag. Yes really. If you can fit your essentials in there, it saves worrying about a bag and all the stuff you usually carry around. Theives aren’t usually a massive problem but they are around and the less valuable stuff you take with you and into the site when you’re watching bands, the better.

After all is said and done, make sure to HAVE A WHOLE HEAP OF DRUNKEN, MESSY, SAFE FUN!!! I’m really looking forward to it as it means I get to hang out with my sister and friends in a place that is loved and holds a whole lot of meaning for us all. It’ll be awesome. Now, it’s time to start the packing so I can completely re-pack before I go.

Jaqueline xxx


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