These Boots Are Made For Walking

…and even though they’re not boots, that’s just what they’ll do once I get them on my feet!

I don’t have a specific shoe fetish or obsession on the scale of my mum and sister. Saying that, when I see a pair of pretty shoes I’m a sucker for them. Throw in a holographic shimmer or a shit-tip of glitter and I want those shoes to be mine forever and ever AMEN. One thing I do love is a designer collaboration – I bought 2 pairs of Swedish Hasbeens for H&M which I love like no tomorrow. I was disappointed when I missed out on the Marni x H&M collab as this pair of sandals was high on my list, as were these plexiglass ankle boots from the MMM x H&M collab (interesting that my shoe loves are connected to H&M designer collaborations). Considering the prices that are being asked for them even on eBay at the moment, they are out of my price range for the moment. But the ones above come in at £20 (down from £48). Once I’ve got a bit of spare cash, they will be mine.

Size 6, just in case you were wondering.

Jaqueline xxx


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