Head Over Heels

Yesterday I found Calling In Drunk. I watched the entire first season in about an hour. Then I showed my friend Paul. And we both lamented that we’d never had the idea ourselves. Seriously, I’m making everyone I know watch it if they haven’t already. The entirety of the season does just look like a normal 4-6 hour weekend evening night out to me though. Especially the final two episodes. It’s all so familiar. (I would have had a mop bucket on standby at that point, FYI).

Thing is right, I’ve only recently become a youtube video watcher and have thus far only subscribed (surprise surprise) to channels that have a lesbian involved. And not in the down dirty sexy way – that’s called porn and there are dedicated websites for that shit. I do have a lot of respect for vloggers, as even though I have a picture up of me on here and divulge certain things about my life and loves I am relatively hidden away from my audience. Saying that, I’ve been thinking about doing a vlog at some point – about what I don’t know. It’ll probably be me dancing along to Robyn/NSync/Kate Bush/doing the Running Man because I got bored and couldn’t think of anything else to do. And you’ll get to hear how annoying my voice sounds when it’s recorded as well. It goes up an octave at least.

In the meantime, enjoy Calling In Drunk, and watch Hart’s channel as well (if you’ve not seen the watermelon video yet, just go).

Jaqueline xxx


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