I Turn My Camera On

And the results are a shitload of selfies. I could give Cara D a run for her face pulling money.

Photo_00001 Photo_00005 Photo_00013 Photo_00014 Photo_00015 Photo_00016

Now, go and take a look at these funnies:

You know you’ve been there. And you know you’ll go there again.

Big Bitches vs Little Bitches. Tee hee hee.

Never Have I Ever…fucked a dolphin?! I get caught out so much when I play this game. And always manage to ask question that I have to drink to, so I end up WASTED!! (And no I haven’t fucked a dolphin. Or been fucked by one. Eeeeeeewwwww.)

See y’all again soon lovelies!!

Jaqueline xxx


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