Sweet Home Alabama

This is a post entirely dedicated to one of the two namesakes of my blog. Guess which one? (If you guessed Beatrix, go away and come back only when you’ve watched True Romance. Srsly.)


Yeah, Ms Alabama Worley. Style frikkin’ icon of Tony Scott’s True Romance, one of my all time favourite “on the run” films. Thelma and Louise is top. Obvs. Nothing can beat a headscarf moment in a convertible (and Geena Davis looking all baby butch in a tank and stone wash jeans. Mmm-hmm.)

Played by Patricia Arquette, Alabama was a stylistic influence on many who were finding their way fashion-wise, including me. Of course, I can never quite pull off her sass (although I wasn’t quite as bad as this, haha) but I damn well try. Every now and then I have a bit of ‘Bama going on though. We all have a bit of her in us. I also get a lot more glances, or glares, when I dress like her which could have something to do with the fact my DD’s arean’t exactly hidden away if I’m wearing similar garms…..they should have given me the ‘Hello Boys’ Wonderbra advert, though I would have had them change it to ‘Hello Girls’. Obvs. But anyway! Alabama Worley. I love her and so should you.

And her and Clarence make fantastic fancy dress costumes.

Jaqueline xxx


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