Running Up That Hill

Before I start this post, I want you all to go over to Dattch and take a look at my first blog post for them. I’m really excited about being able to write for someone else and hope y’all like it!! Dattch is the first lesbian dating app built only for women. (They haven’t sponsored this post FYI, I just want my readers to go take a look. It’s a good app. Yes I use it.)

This time last year I started running. Yup. Me. Running. I still refuse to run for a bus because you KNOW as soon as you do the bus driver will just pull away like a dick and you’ll be left red-faced and sweaty from your exertion, and have no reward at the end of it.* On Sunday I went for my third run in 6 months (it’s been cold, okay? Like really cold and snowing and EVERYTHING.) I did just under 3k and my legs were KILLING ME in the evening.** That might have had something to do with the fact I didn’t stretch out properly afterwards and then proceeded to clean the flat. Cleaning is a kind of cool down right?

Right now, though, I have to keep running because on 14th July I’m doing my first 5k at the Color Run in London. It’s going to be all sorts of amazing fun and I’m running with my Dad (who just so happens used to be a semi-professional runner) which will be good for my motivation around the course. That and having someone to look completely colourful on the tube home with is always a bonus.

Deep down, I’m extremely competitive. Like crazy if I don’t win when I think I should have competitive. I know I won’t be getting first place at the Color Run, but as long as I’m not last I’ll be well happy. I’m aiming for a 35-40 minute race time. But below is a more accurate description of me. I can go for 5-6 minutes though at a relatively fast pace. Start fast, finish slow. AGAIN, sounding like a sex metaphor.

So for now, I’ll just keep on running around the park. I know it’ll get easier, yada yada yada. I just need to do it. I have an image in my head that when I’m running my ass looks like this…

I just want to apologise now to anyone who runs behind me. It’s going to be another few months (years) before it looks like that. Or my body looks as buff ting as that. Here’s to running behind the ladies who do live up to that picture. You are my inspiration to never come first in a race.

Jaqueline xxx

*FYI: I really didn’t mean for that to sound like a sex act but it did. Go my brain cells for making something mundane sound rude!

**Whilst writing this post, I used a lot of Caps Lock to get my point across.


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