Just Like Honey


I have this semi-obsession with bumblebees. I have an actual obsession with the word. I love saying it and I’m currently saying it out loud as I type this in as many different ways and accents as I can (and Google Translating it to as many languages as I can…FYI did you know there’s a language called Kannada? And it’s not from Canada, it’s from India. Don’t say I never teach you anything here…)

So anyway, my thing about bees. I have this ultimate pet fantasy of having a bumblebee called Bumble who flys around on a leash held by me when we go for walks outside. Not in the cruel way the first YouTube video I came across. Like Bumble would be able to fly around inside off his leash as well. I’d have fresh flowers for him everyday, even with my hayfever. We’d have these ultimate walks, where if he got a little tired, he’d sit on my shoulder for a rest and buzz my favourite song as we wandered along. Bumble would be my best friend ever. Then he’d probably sting me and die, as we all know bees are all kamikaze like that, or should I say kamikazbee?!?! Here all week.

So yeah, if anyone ever figures out a way to have a bee as a pet let me know. And if he’s wearing a beeret and called Benoit, even better.

Ladylove (buzz buzz wink wink),
Jaqueline xxx


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