Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Okay, I know I’ve laready done that. This isn’t actually about giving you the lowdown on me, again. No no no. I’m at Glastonbury this weekend, and Saturday night sees possibly one of THE biggest bands they’ve ever had headlining – The Rolling Stones.

Now, I’m no huge mega fan like one of my friends in particular, but I certainly think I’ve got the moves like Jagger when I hear any of their songs that I know on a night out. Imagine lots of strutting, wavy hands movements and mega pouting and you’ve got my routine…

So in tribute to these great rock LEG-ENDS, my Two for Tunesday post today is dedicated to them. First up is one of my favourites, Paint It, Black.

I’ve always really liked this song, and tried to make it the one song on Guitar Hero that I would master all the levels of (which never happened considering I was usually drunk when I was playing so even the easiest level posed a few problems). I may go a little bit nuts when it’s played on Saturday.

My second choice is probably one of their most covered songs, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

It’s always testament to the longevity and popularity of a song when people decide to cover it. Satisfaction has been covered by Otis Redding, Devo and Britney Spears, to name a few. I’m personally a bit partial to Britter’s cover of it but I am a massive Brit-Brit fan. It’s different enough to the original to have it’s own take on it, a little more late Nineties/early Noughties pop and lock than the original rock ‘n’ roll badass the Stones give it.

There are loads of other songs The Rolling Stones have done which are worthy of mentions – Brown Sugar, Sympathy for the Devil, Gimme Shelter, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Wild Horses, the list goes on. But those two are my personal favourites. Let me know what your favourites are and if you think there have been better bands headlining Glastonbury over the years. We can start a serious discussion/war over this.

And if you’re at Glasto this week and recognise my little face, come up and say hi. I won’t be too weirded out but also can’t promise I’ll be in any fit state. Haha!

Jaqueline xxx


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