Rap Shit From Jurassic

I love dinosaurs. One of my favourite films of all time is Jurassic Park. I own the trilogy and all 3 films are amongst my most watched. It’s also fair to say I’m ridiculously excited about Jurassic Park 3D being released in August and also for JURASSIC PARK 4!! Yeah!!!!!! So here’s a little round-up of my favourite dino related things.

I recently found this blogpost about making your own dinosaur necklace. I’ve got a load of leftover plastic dinosaurs from my birthday this year (I put them on cupcakes) and I’m thinking that a Stegosaurus and T-Rex will make pretty awesome necklaces.

Another idea is to glue them onto a plain headband and wear them crown style!

Want. This. Bag. If you can let me know where it’s from I’ll be forever loving to you.

Dinosaur Planters!! Turning even the most carnivorous into a herbivore loving beast.

This is just really cute.

And who remembers these guys? Every now and then I crack out this line (because I am the baby and everybody does gotta love me!)

This was another one of my favourite shows as a kid and there’s a marathon of it on YouTube that I’m going to have to watch soon. And finally, one of my favourite gifs. This is why the T-Rex will always be my favourite dinosaur (aside from the teeny-tiny arms)…

Badass saves the day.

If you’re a mega dino fan too and have done any DIYs, have links to cool dino shit or have any other fun things for me to look at, leave a comment below and hit me up! And we can all geek out together about how amazing dinosaurs are.

Jaqueline xxx


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