These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I say things and I mean things and people, but remember I am trying to make all my blog post titles song lyrics, etc so I’m allowed it.

Things I Love Whilst I’m Writing This Blog Post:

Number 1: Coffee. Don’t judge me for my nail length in this picture. I’m single and haven’t been out to Les Clubs (geddit?! Okay, moving on…) for a while so there was no need to cut them until they started to break. Which they have since this was taken, BTW. Hey ladies.


Number 2: Taking selfies. Yes, I’m one of “those” annoying people on Instagram/Twitter/their blog who posts pictures of themselves that they have taken of themselves with one arm outstretched. But you’re only getting the best ones. About 5-10 are usually taken so I have choice.


Number 3: Frikkin’ hypercolour. If only to do this constantly to myself and try and get other fine ladies to do it too. “Why yes, you can touch my breasts to leave your handprints on them. Now kiss me. Please.”


Number 4: Knitwear and knitting. I made that hat by loom knitting. I’d never done it before. SKILLZ. And why yes, that is a well gangsta ‘Knitter’ necklace. Because all knitters live life on the edge of the knitting needles…..that didn’t work. FYI, I didn’t take this picture myself. IT IS NOT A SELFIE. Just a cropped close-up my mum took.


People I Love, aka All The Women I Think Are Awesome and/or Hot (and maybe a man as well but in a non-sex way):

Number 1: Sarah Croce. Some women were put on this Earth to make other women happy. Sarah Croce is one of them. I am as well, but this isn’t about me. *cute smile in your direction* And actually, for entirely women doing amazing things reasons, I do want to interview her for my blog. Just sayin’.

Number 2: Olivia Wilde. Dayumn girl.

Number 3: Georgie Okell. Yup. I’ll just be over here for a minute.

Number 4: Hannah Hart aka Harto. She has a Tardis teapot. She’s talked about Game of Thrones. She gets drunk in kitchens and cooks stuff.

and finally, Number 5: Ryan Gosling. I want this man’s DNA to make my babies. My future lady husband and I will have the cutest ever babies ever because this WILL HAPPEN. No, it really will.

I’ll post these every once and a while. They’re fun. And reveal a little bit of my soul which I guess is what blogging is all about. Leave some of your favourite things and people in the comments! I’m sure you all have amazing taste.

Jaqueline xxx


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