Too Much


Haim. Jake Bugg. Tame Impala. Alt-J. Chic featuring Nile Rodgers. Azealia Banks. Alabama Shakes. Primal Scream. The Rolling Stones. Rufus Wainwright. Kate Nash. Cat Power. Fatboy Slim. Chase & Status DJ set. Rudimental. Disclosure DJ set.

Kate Tempest. Portishead. Disclosure. The Hives. Martha & Rufus Wainwright. Chase & Status. Iggy Azalea. Aluna George. Calexico. First Aid Kit. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Smashing Pumpkins. Jessie Ware. Phoenix. The xx.

The first lot is all the people I managed to see. The second lot, all the people I missed due to either clashes, heat or nap-taking because of a 5am bedtime (mainly clashes). Every single one of the bands/DJs/singers I saw though can only be described as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The venues varied from Pyramid and Other to West Holts and Left Field to Arcadia and Shangri-Hell (my 2 favourite places ever at Glastonbury).

Being able to see The Rolling Stones was worth the ticket price alone. I was in a group where there were a couple of die-hard Stones fans and it was brilliant seeing them having such an amazing time that Saturday evening. Wild Horses nearly made me cry as well. Haim were also bloody good – a diabetic attack didn’t stop Este from finishing their set on Friday and when they came on as backing singers during Primal Scream the whole crowd went a bit wild. Chic featuring Nile Rodgers? Well, I’ve never danced and sung along so much to a set as theirs, and playing ‘Get Lucky’ via the PA system sent the entire crowd into a tizzy (especially my group – it was our festival song) and there is nothing that gives me goosebumps more than hearing a massive crowd singing along to the same song.

Azealia Banks was dressed in a dinosaur looking outfit and so has permanently placed herself in my LOVES. We all thought she should have been on later though as a 3pm set with her tracks seemed a bit out of place (good crowd anyway). Cat Power – I fancy the entire band, even the dude. And Rufus Wainwright? His voice sounds exactly the same live as it does recorded. Oh, and he shows how to be a true showman and performer. All he had was his Steinway and an acoustic guitar as accompaniment. That and his ridiculously good-looking husband at the side of the stage who he gave a massive kiss when he went off stage (almost cried again, to that moment and Hallelujah).

I Silent Disco’d and sang out loud with my earphones on until 4:30am. We went to Shangri-La (Hell) and Block 9 (NYC Downlow) and danced until 4:30am. Raved under the giant mechanical flame throwing spider, Arcadia (or Teckno Spiyyyder as renamed by my group), to Fatboy Slim, Chase & Status and some amazing dub-step DJs…..I basically had the time of my life. I’m still having pangs of ‘I can’t believe it’s over’ and feel a bit bad that I didn’t get to see as many bands as I would have liked to but there will be other chances to see them, and in the end I was able to see some of the people I wanted to in the best place on Earth and unexpectedly.

Best two rumours of Glastonbury this year? Daft Punk and David Bowie. Neither happened, of course. But if they had? Well, I would have peaked and never returned to this planet again. Seriously.

Regular posting will be back from next week, interspersed with the occasional post-Glastonbury update when some of the pictures come through from the others. I did have horrendous nose sunburn and there is a particularly funny photograph of me looking like Rudolph which I’ll probably share here. That was with Factor 30 as well! I got a proper festival tan. See?


Jaqueline xxx


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