You Wanna Be In My Gang

I’m in a gang everybody. Yeah, you heard right. A real life gang. Now before you get too carried away and think I’ve turned into some sort of gangster who goes around with a glock 9mm shoved into the waistband of her slightly too tight jeans, I mean I’ve joined a knitting gang. Obviously.

WATG_MakersBadge_JackieI’m part of a gang of talented knitters who are putting their knitting stix and skillz to work to make sure each bag is #madeunique. The Gang Collection™ is a special collection of knitwear designed by Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood, but produced by members of the global community of expert knitters that has grown up around the brand. To begin with there are 10 Gang Makers – Sheree, Lydia, Thea, Emma, Emily, Alexandra, Hannah, Johanna, Samantha and myself. It’s a real honour to be a part of this small group of talented women who have been chosen to help launch the Gang Collection™ with our specially made bags. And even though there is the occasional crossover of colourways, you know that when you buy a specific bag, you will be getting something that has been truly #madeunique.

Hold Tight Clutch in In The Navy/Jog Grey – £99

Zigazig Shopper in Jog Grey – £79

Each of our Gang Collection™ Gang Maker biographies/Q&A’s are up or soon to be going up on the Wool and The Gang blog and if you want to apply to join the Gang, register your interest by following this link. Oh, and if you want to read a bit more about the whole venture, The Business of Fashion has a really good article too.

So go take a look and buy a bag. Because when you do you’re supporting a growing industry that is changing how knitwear is realised and supporting a network of independent makers who invest their time and effort into making sure the customer is receiving the best product they possibly can!

Jaqueline xxx


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