Tonight, You Belong To Me

(Link to the original here.)

Stumbled across this little gem the other night on Faceache and have become a little obsessed with it. My ovaries are popping out eggs like nobodies business. IT’S JUST SO FUCKING CUTE!!

Okay, I’ll calm down now. And this weekend I need to re-focus on my half-marathon training. It’s in about 8 weeks, I’m gonna be royally screwed if I don’t knuckle down and get my time under 3 hours (I will not be picked up by the sweeper truck. NO.) Considering I did my 10k in 1:18, and a half marathon it just over double that, I think I’ll be fine. And I seem to do better on the day than I think I will as well – thanks, adrenaline!!

I can do it. And I will do it. And then I’ll find out if I’ve got into the London Marathon. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF?!?

Anyhow, happy Friday and Bank Holiday weekend UK peeps!!

Jaqueline xxxx


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