Someday We’ll Find It.

When we live, we often forget about something along the way. When it came down to it, my blog was the one thing to fall by the wayside. It’s not because I don’t love it and want to take care of it, but I’ve had to find a way to love writing again. To make time again. To be kind to myself and the things I own creatively.

And that time has now arrived. I’m back at university, and whilst that is important to me, it’s not something I’ll be writing about on here very often. Unless it’s something that I think is relevant and suits my blog. I appear to have more time – I don’t, I’m now just using my time more efficiently. I’m having to read more, learn more and do more. It’s tough going but it’s fun and it’s interesting. And I’m trying to treat it like my time to reclaim my brain and my creativity.

Knitting is making a big comeback and I’ve been doing more than ever. I’ve got fabric I’ll be turning into backpacks and knitting project bags and camisole tops. Ideas have been appearing that I need to write down in order to remember and act on. I’ve been doing things by myself that I enjoy doing and feeling great because I’m honouring myself and my interests.

“Tomorrow is never going to be like today and certainly nothing like yesterday.” – Steve Shirley

Jaqueline xxx

Title: The Rainbow Connection (The Muppet Movie)


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