Tantric Prayer


I’ve reached thirty. And I seem to have found this place in my life that enjoys listening to Tibetan monk chanting, wearing feminist slogans, is interested in tarot and crystals (again) and has a family of succulents and cacti amongst feminist/radical art that celebrates women and the features of women.

Amongst all of this, I am studying and moving forward constantly whilst trying to retain parts of my old life that I don’t want to let go of or might not be quite ready to let go of yet. I’m finding myself making sure I’m making the right decision, before just leaping into things head first. Is this thirty? Are these the years of thoughtful decision making? Right now, it would seem so.


Things I need to continue doing: Knitting. Writing. Creating. Studying. Reading. Letting Go. Tidying. Buy My First Tarot Deck. Set Intentions. Drink Peppermint Tea. Run. Exercise. Make Space. Being Radical. Feministing. Loving. Enjoying. Being In My Thirties.

Jaqueline xxx

Title: ‘Tantric Prayer’ from Big Om of Tibet by Tibetan Monks


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