Get Over It

There are often times in our lives that we look back at the day, week, year we’ve had and truly wonder how we’ve survived.

2016 had been one of those years. Whilst there have been many amazing experiences, this year has been marred with great sadness. The break up of my relationship, the unexpected death of a friend, and with those and other feelings the return of the space that exhausts me completely. Dealing with what I haven’t been able to identify for months now but knew deep down was going to resurface at some point – a depression that wasn’t just going to go away through my attempts to bury it or manage it unsatisfactorily.

So here I am now. Being truthful with myself about where I stand and allowing myself to experience, finally, the sadness, the anger, the numbness. And with that knowing there are certain people who are holding on. Those that I have entrusted completely with myself, who I am eternally grateful for. Who see me at my darkest and still manage to keep the light shining for me.

It’s tough. It’s hard. But then…..

So here’s to healing. Here’s to being kind. And here’s to returning to the woman I know I can be. Wobbles will happen but I’ll get there. One day at a time. And if in doubt, Santa Claus. 😉

Jaqueline xxx

Title: “Get Over It” OK GO (not to get over this, it’s not that easy. But just a reminder that we do all get over these bumps in the road.)